Welcome to the Online Application Portal for Tiny Tots Kindergarten

The online application portal for Jr. KG admissions is now CLOSED. No further applications will be accepted. 

We are pleased to offer the 38 applicants below admission to Tiny Tots KG. The admission offer will only be confirmed on payment of the fees. If the fees and other formalities are not completed by the date specified, then the offer of admission stands cancelled.

The fee for the entire year for Junior K. G. is only Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty Thousand Only). Fees should be paid by Demand Draft Only to “The Bombay St. Xavier’s Society Tiny Tots Academy Current Bank A/C No. 100286”.

The admission will take effect subject to you paying the entire school fee between the following dates: 18th January 2017 to 27th January 2017, between 9.15 a.m. to 11.15 a.m. (except on Saturdays and Sundays).

Kindly bring the original birth certificate and Xerox copy of Aadhar Card.

Form No
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002643-Jr KG-0130
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002737-Jr KG-0050
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002295-Jr KG-0017
STXVHS-2017-2018-1004594-Jr KG-0193
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002472-Jr KG-0358
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002314-Jr KG-0029
STXVHS-2017-2018-1005937-Jr KG-0238
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002467-Jr KG-0037
STXVHS-2017-2018-1007527-Jr KG-0290
STXVHS-2017-2018-1006352-Jr KG-0252
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002355-Jr KG-0039
STXVHS-2017-2018-1011366-Jr KG-0351
STXVHS-2017-2018-1011676-Jr KG-0362
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002308-Jr KG-0019
STXVHS-2017-2018-1003580-Jr KG-0166
STXVHS-2017-2018-1003756-Jr KG-0123
STXVHS-2017-2018-1011059-Jr KG-0342
STXVHS-2017-2018-1007183-Jr KG-0282
STXVHS-2017-2018-1010655-Jr KG-0335
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002937-Jr KG-0066
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002772-Jr KG-0273
STXVHS-2017-2018-1012274-Jr KG-0415
STXVHS-2017-2018-1006645-Jr KG-0260
STXVHS-2017-2018-1003424-Jr KG-0101
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002159-Jr KG-0056
STXVHS-2017-2018-1001946-Jr KG-0172
STXVHS-2017-2018-1004572-Jr KG-0191
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002323-Jr KG-0024
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002897-Jr KG-0064
STXVHS-2017-2018-1003649-Jr KG-0234
STXVHS-2017-2018-1000959-Jr KG-0001
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002712-Jr KG-0049
STXVHS-2017-2018-1005976-Jr KG-0241
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002175-Jr KG-0055
STXVHS-2017-2018-1004493-Jr KG-0189
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002155-Jr KG-0057
STXVHS-2017-2018-1005459-Jr KG-0219
STXVHS-2017-2018-1000724-Jr KG-0140
STXVHS-2017-2018-1002626-Jr KG-0061