Ambedkar Jayanti at St. Xavier’s High School was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm on 12th April, 2016.

The day began with an introduction over the intercom highlighting the importance of Dr. B .R. Ambedkar and his lion’s share in the making of the constitution of India.

Soon after this, class-wise competitions began at around 9:30 am. Standard 5 students actively participated in the quiz competition.

Boys of Standard 6 portrayed their ideas on ‘Equality’ through art work.

Standard 7 boys voiced out their ideas on ‘Social Equality’ through an elocution competition and Standard 8 through their essays on ‘Social Equality’.


Later the students were instructed to proceed to the school auditorium. A student of class 5 then read out the ‘Constitution of India’. This was followed by watching a documentary film on the ‘Life of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar- The chief Architect of Indian Constitution’, which gave an insight into Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s achievements and his message.

“I like the religion that teaches Liberty, Equality and Fraternity”.

The school auditorium reveferated with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm. It was truly an enriching experience for each and every student to know about such an inspiring leader and his contribution to the society.

The programme concluded at around 11:45 am with the message ‘zero tolerance towards inequality and injustice.’


Mrs. Teresa .J. D’sa.