On 12th January, 2016, a workshop was conducted by Mrs. Yasmin Pardiwala for the students who have enrolled for the “READING CHALLENGE PROGRAMME” at 9:00am in the A.V. Room.


It started with students introducing themselves and stating their hobbies. Facilitator, Mrs. Yasmin, then led the students to the second part of the programme which was ‘POETRY ILLUSTRATION’ She elicited points from the students about cruelty done to animals and focussed on the topic- ‘Sensitivity towards wild animals.’ The students were then put into groups whereby each group was given dialogues uttered by human beings and other dialogue by animals. The students were then asked to put up the matter in a pictorial way on A4 size papers. The programme ended at 10 am.

Teacher- in-charge : Mrs. Tresa D’sa
A report by: Mrs. Tresa D’sa.