The feast of St, John De Brito was celebrated on 4th February, 2016. Two days prior to the feast assemblies were conducted by the Brito House teachers and boys bringing out the values of St. John De Brito.

On the first day Ms. Judy D’Costa narrated a story to the children bringing out the value of ‘Gratitude’. Ms. Shirley Miranda had Std II boys enact a skit which brought out the value of ‘Love for the Poor’.

On the second day Ms. Lovelina Miranda had a boy from Std III narrate a story on the importance of ‘Faith’ and  Ms. Sunita Ferrao spoke to the children on the topic of ‘Willingness to Learn’, wherein Sujal from Std IV gave his own example of being open to learning Maths which he found difficult.

On 4th February, a prayer service was conducted by Ms. Quincy Desai. After the prayer service, the story of St. John De Brito was made known to the children and the values were further engrained in the children. The notice boards were decorated with pictures of important events from the life of St. John De Brito.

Various activities were conducted for all Standards. Children of Std I were given hearts to colourand were asked to write the values they learnt from the assembly. Std II was given a Crossword puzzle on the life of St. John De Brito which they enjoyed solving. Std III was divided into groups and given a cut-out of the picture of St. John De Brito which they had to assemble to form a complete picture. Std IV was asked to make hearts for their friends writing their good values. These hearts were exchanged on the feast day.

Apart from these, chocolates brought by the Brito House boys were distributed in every class. Charts were put up in the corridors and a short video clipping on the life of St. John De Brito was shown to the children.

The Brito house feast was a success with the hard work put in by the teachers and boys.

Quincy Desai- HouseMistress
Sunita Ferrao
Lovelina Miranda
Judy D’Costa
Shirley Miranda