St. Xavier’s High School, Fort had their Christmas celebration from 21st Dec 2016.The star making competition of STD 5th to 10th was fantastic. The judges for the star competition was Ms. Swati Prabhu.The boys also contributed food items, stationary and toilet accessories to the Orphan home “Ashadan”.The articles were taken on the 22nd Dec, Tyron Sir along with a few Catholic boys to give in the Orphan.

On the 22nd Dec, 2016.the boys decorated their classrooms, shared sweets with their fellow mates and then they proceeded to the school auditorium at Christmas skit started at 9.30am. The theme of the skit was “Christmas is love in Action”. It was enacted by the boys of std 8th and 9th and the skit gave the message that Christmas is not only receiving gifts but it is showing love with others by helping them and bring smile on everyone’s face. The P.P.T gave the message of Christmas. The carol singing and the marvellous musical band show was done by the catholic boys of STD 9th and Ms. Sandra D’Souza. The program ended thought proving examine was done by the Principal Mrs. Jennifer Dias where she spoke about not only the message of Christmas but also about Secularism and tolerance.

Ms.Blanchi D’britto
Ms. Sandra D’Souza.