English debates were held on 21st December, 2016.The elimination rounds were conducted and all the four houses were called i.e. Brito, Gonzaga, and Berchmans and Clever house. For juniors and seniors respectively. For the Juniors Ievel there were two houses that were selected i.e. Gonzaga V/S Berchamans. Gonzaga were on the proposition while Berchmans were on the opposition side and the topic they had was “Should cell phones be allowed in class” so Gonzaga won the First place and the runners up were the Berchamans.

Coming to the senior’s level: The two house that were selected during the elimination rounds were Claver V/S Berchamans.

So Claver house proposed it while the Berchmans house opposed it.And the winners for the seniors were Berchaman won the first place while Claver house were the runners up. The topics the seniors had were “Demonetization to find it solution”. It was an exciting event to see the boys debating i.e. Opposition V/S Proposition.

The Judges were Mrs. Jean Correia the former P.T.A member and another judge was our very own teacher from the primary section Mrs. Lydia Fernandez. Principal Mrs. Jenifer Dias was thanked for her Co-operation. The teacher and students were excited to see the program. Since the debated were conducted after a very long time. Overall it was an enriching experience for the participation and the students on the whole.

Mrs. Elaine Fernandes
Mr. Christopher Lobo.