Being with nature is good for a child’s psychological and physical well-being. It can help reduce stress and improve concentration. Many children welcome a chance to help make the world a better place and students who join school nature clubs can make the environment their platform for community service.The nature club this year had 50 members with boys from standard 5 to standard 9.

There were regular meetings taken up before undertaking any activity. Keeping in mind the motto of our nature club, “ To keep nature fit, we must do our bit.” The tree plantation activity was conducted. Students helped the teacher in cleaning up the garden so that plants with medicinal values could be planted. Our students were taken to Chowpatty after Anant Chaturthy i.e. emersion of the Ganesh idols in order to make them aware of the environment hazards and to sensitize them to this situation and also send home the message about the importance of celebrating festivals in an eco-friendly way. Thereafter, a questionnaire based on the same was given to each child. Later the students were taken to Taraporewala Aquarium to show them the aquatic life.

To reveal to the children, the fascinating world of insects, Nehru Centre Library had organised a workshop ‘Insect Mania’. Enthusiastic students participated in this workshop. It was conducted by Ms. Katie. This workshop included an insect trail around the Nehru Centre, reading an insect story, a presentation on Insect Mania and a surprise children’s activity on insects.

The students visited an exhibition at St. Xavier’s College by which was based on experience as it made them aware of the variety of Gems and minerals and thereby enhanced their knowledge in the field of Geology. Also our students were exposed to another exhibition based on Physics and Biology which was very interesting due to the live demonstration(experiments). The liquid nitrogen show seen during this above exhibition was memorable and a learning experience for our students.

We look forward to the next year so that we continue to inculcate this value of environment conservation in our students.

Teachers- in- charge:-

Mrs. Prajakti D’souza.

Mrs. Nirmal D’mello.