There was a meeting  of the parents as well as the boys of std IX on the 24th of June 2016.The role purpose of the meeting was to make students aware of what is required to be done in std IX and to give general instruction. Mrs.Sharmila Sunny,the Assistant Principal spoke about the general rules and regulations.The meeting began at 12 noon with prayer invoking God’s blessings.The first subject English was dealt with by Mrs.Elaine Fernandes who spoke about the format and marking scheme , as well as the need to converse in English,Marathi was explained by  Mrs.Shushila Colaco,who informed the parents about the new format and evaluation.She emphasized the importance of reading.

Mr.C.B.Tiwari spoke about the importance of the assignments to be completed on time,Hardwork is the only requirement for success and on elimination of pass class and second class. The subjects Algebra and Geometry  were dealt with by Mrs.Maria D’costa . She started that the boys should know their basics (concept / formula ) and thereby to inculcate good study habits. Practice was absolutely necessary.Mrs.Susan George spoke about Science. As how Physics,Chemistry and Biology are to be included in the two papers –Scienc-I And Science-II.The boys are expected to carry their Science Journals and keep it complete And neat always. The textbooks too were to be brought to class. There was no Fixed format for the same. Ms.Anneth Fernandes dealt with General Maths.There were 6 assignments to be done. The boys should know their basics and belive that “nothing is impossible” as in the case of S.S.C. topper –Master Ninad Mistry who studied all by himself.

Mr. Crescent D’souza explained the new subject –I.C.T through a presentation the marking scheme and format for the same . Being a graded subject , all the boys should pass in the subject. History-political science was explained by – Mr. Neil Noronha. The format as well as the marking scheme, assignments, presentation in the answer were highlighted. Mrs. Teresa D’sa discussed the paper format , marking scheme , map work , and how to score well in Geography – Economics. Mrs.Anita Dhanuki gave as insight into Bakery about the project work and the 2 examination. Mr. Dilip Coreia spoke on Physical Education and marking scheme. Finally Personality development was discussed by Mr.Neil Noronha, the Project work and the exam with the marking scheme.The meeting was well attended and ended at 1.40 pm.

-Mr.Neil Noronha.