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A poor village boy, Ramu, came to the city in search of work. One day he heard the owner of a big store scolding a boy, “ Go away. You are too dumb. With a little brain a man can do business even with a dead mouse.” Ramu wondered if that was true. When he had found no work after six days he decided to try it out. He picked a dead mouse from the ditch and walked down the street . “ Hey, You!” shouted a fat man in a shop, “ Come here, give that mouse to my hungry cat.” The fat man gave him a rupee and a loaf of bread.

The princess was to marry a prince in a far away kingdom. Her mother the queen, sent her away with a sad heart. The princess rode he beloved horse, Falada, and a maid accompanied her on an old mare. When they came to a stream, the princess said “ Please get me some water.” “Get it yourself,” said the proud maid. Sometime later she grew bolder and said, “Get off your horse. I will ride him and you can have the old mare.” Then just before they reached the palace, the maid said, “listen, I am tired of being a maid, I shall be the princess and marry the prince and you will go as my maid. You must not tell a living soul about this exchange, do you understand ?” The poor princess agreed and they exchanged clothes.



Mohan was a good boy. But he fell into bad company. His father was very sad. He thought of a plan. One day he gave Mohan some good apples. He gave one bad apple also. He said, “Put all these apples in one basket.” All the apples went bad after some days. Then the father said, “ look Mohan one bad apple has spoiled the good apples so you think about it”. He gave up bad company. He was again a good boy.


I have a doll,

It’s a pretty doll.

It has blue eyes,

It has pink cheeks.

It has a silk frock,

It has golden hair.

It has green bangles on its arms,

I call it Dolly.

I keep it with me all the time.

I like it very much. I love to play with it.