The craft competition was held on Monday, 7th December 2015. Ms. Maria D’souza and Ms. Neha Vaz were in-charge of the competition. The topics for the craft competition were as follows :

STD I – Making a star with ice-cream sticks.

STD II – Santa Clause face using paper plate, cotton and red marble paper.

STD III – 2 bells using plastic glasses.

STD IV – Mistletoe.

The primary boys showed a lot of enthusiasm in making the different articles. The teachers were asked to select the 3 best articles and send it to the head teachers office and the same were judged by Ms. Sybil Lopes and Ms. Jeanette Castellino. The best 3 from each STD were awarded certificates. On the whole the competition was a learning and joyous experience wherein each child tried his best to do something different and it gave them a chance to be creative and display their talents.

Teacher In-Charge

Ms. Maria D’souza.

Ms. Neha Vaz.