Yoga Day was held in the Primary Section on 23rd June 2016. Boys of Std IV were selected to perform the different yoga exercises. Two special yoga instructors Ms Shilpa Ghone (Senior Tr.) and Ms Sangeeta Raje Nimbalkar (Asst.Tr) from the Kaivalyadham Yoga Institute were invited to teach our boys the yoga asanas. Ms Shilpa Ghone conducted the whole yoga session. She began with a short talk on the benefits of yoga. She then started by first reciting a prayer in the yoga pose which the boys followed after her. The different yoga asanas done were, Sitting Asanas- Vakrasan, Bhadrasan, Parvatasan, Ardh Ushtrasan, Shashankasan, Brahmamudra. Standing Asanas- Trunk Twist Tadasan, Chakrasan Lateral Bending, Vrikshasan, Ardh Chakrasan. Also were Anulom Vilom Pranayam, Bramri Pranayam and Om Chanting. Boys performed all the asanas very well and realized the importance of yoga for a healthy mind and body.

Teacher in-charge: Sunita Ferrao