School Anthem

1. Come, boys, let us sing together Xavier’s glory,
the school we love best.
In sunshine or rainy weather
We shall always be true to our school crest.

We are so happy to be the boys of Xavier’s.
School of Indian youth a down the crowded year.
Loving but firm is her rule for weak and strong, Leading us on to our goal with this song;
Boys of St. Xavier’s push out into deep water!
Brave the stormy squalls that beat from every quarter!
Courage our sword, faith our shield, that none shall rend.
Loyal and true to our Mother and Friend,
Faithful we’ll stand by Xavier’s to the end!

2. All hail to you, gracious mother,
Honour, homage and laud we pay;
Here’s to God, our land and brother,
Youthful hears pledged in union today.

3. May God for our training golden
Bless our teachers and masters ever;
Laughter, song and good friends olden
Are the Xavierite bonds naught can server.

4. In athletics and the sports field
We’ve enjoyed many manly contests;
We’ve come by many a sports shield,
And we’ve taken defeat with no protests.

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