Inaugural Prayer Service

`The first day or the new academic year 2014-2015 started with a prayer service. The staff member in-charge were the Vice –Principal, Mrs. Sharmila Sunny, Secondary supervisor, Mr. C.B.Tiwari, Primary Head Teacher, Mrs. Jennifer D’Souza, Mrs. Maria D’Costa and Miss. Shirley Miranda.After the auspicious lighting of the lamp, the teachers had a short meditation session. They reflected on the past academic year 2013-2014 which was eventful and exciting.

An audio-visual presentation was then made which highlighted the present theme for the school, ‘EDUCATION AND IGNATIAN SPIRITUALITY’. The four values of the theme namely, Interiority, learning, social justice and action were briefly explained and the staff members prayed placing petitions for the same. This was followed by a formal introduction of the new manager Rev. Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy s.j., by the principal, Mrs. Jennifer Dias.

Fr. Swamy then conducted a meaningful seminar for the staff, through an audio-visual presentation. Fr. Swamy motivated the teachers to excel. He spoke about the necessity, to have ‘happy teachers’ in order to have a healthy school atmosphere which will in turn help the students to excel. The prayer service and the seminar ended on this positive note. Sharmila Sunny.

Maharashtra Day

Maharashtra day celebrations were held on our school campus. There were events and a small presentation ceremony.

Primary activities 2013-14

Fancy dress Competition

The boys of Standard I and II had their fancy dress competition on 6th August, 2013 in the primary dining hall. The topics given were as follows:

Std I: People who help us.
Std II: National and International Leaders.

All the boys were excited as they were dressed up in different costumes. They also spoke in short about their role. The competition helped boost the confidence of the boys.

Best out of Waste (1)

The Best out of Waste Competition for Std. I to IV was held on 8th August, 2013. Each standard was given different topics. The topics were as follows:

Std I: Making folders using waste papers or newspapers.
Std II: Any articles made using paper plates and ice cream sticks.
Std III: Paper bags made out of waste paper, newspaper or magazines.
Std IV: Flower- Making out of waste materials.

All the boys made beautiful articles using waste materials. Three boys were chosen as winners from each standard. It was really a wonderful experience to see the creativity of the boys.

Writing Competition

The writing competition was held on 4th October, 2013. The boys of Std 1st to 4th participated in this competition. Each standard was given a paragraph to write. Boys were very keen and showed enthusiasm in participating in the writing competition.

Each student tried very hard to write neatly and complete the paragraph. Three prize winners were chosen from each standard. On the whole boys did well in the writing competition.

Shivaji Jayanti

Shivaji Jayanti is celebrated on 19th February, 2014, however the Primary Section celebrated it on 18th February, 2014 .The boys of Std I B put up an assembly on the life and work of Shivaji. The boys read a few lines on his birth and childhood while some boys performed a dance on the song “Mi Marathi”. Along with learning about Shivaji’s life, the boys also learned the value of patriotism and being loyal to the country.


The Christmas programme was held on the 19th of December. The boys from the K.G., primary and the secondary participated in the play, enacting the nativity scene. Through the play the message of love, peace, joy and spreading the light were put forth to the audience. Christmas carols were sung by the boys enhancing the festive spirit. Snacks were distributed among the boys.

English Elocution Competition.

The Annual English Elocution competition was held in the month of February. Twelve boys were selected per standard and only 8 boys qualified for the finals per standard.

The topics of the poems ranged from funny to descriptive and nature centered to those on social awareness. The esteemed judges appreciated the efforts of the boys and also gave them pointers on how to improve themselves for the future.


Dassera, the festival that marks the victory of good over evil, was celebrated by the boys of class 1C . A small skit presented by the boys showed everyone how Goddess Sita was freed by her husband Lord Rama from the crutches of the evil king Ravana. The boys enjoyed the assembly and realized that no matter what, evil will always lose and good will always win.

Art Competition

The Art Competition was held on 9th July 2013. All the boys had participated in the Competition. Each standard was given a topic to draw and colour. The topics were:

Std I: A Flag.
Std II: Butterfly
Std III: A Rainy Day.
Std IV: A Village Scene.

All the boys took active part in the competition and enjoyed it a lot.

TIFR Art Competition.
2nd February 2014.

At 1.30 p.m. on the 2nd of February , 9 boys from the primary section were all geared up and ready to participate in the art competition organized by the Tata Institute Of Fundamental Research (TIFR) at the TIFR, Colaba. The boys were among the 150 participants who belonged to group 2. The topic was announced and the children were given an hour to present their art work.

After the snack break, the boys attended an hour long session on the ‘Techniques of Art’ conducted by Dr. Ranjan Joshi. Mr. Vijayraj Modunkar – an eminent artist was the judge for the event. The prize distribution ceremony ended at 5.30 p.m. marking the end of a day of joyful artistic activities. It was an enriching experience for the boys as they got an opportunity to showcase their talent on such a grand scale and also learn new techniques which would be very helpful to them in the future.

Singing Competition

The Singing Competition was held on 30th and 31st January 2014. The judges for the competition were our very own school teachers: Ms. Margaret Acharya, Ms. Reena Tellis and Ms. Andrea Faria. The boys displayed their talents and singing prowess in an exemplary and overwhelming fashion.

Republic Day Assembly

The Republic Day Assembly was held on 25th January 2014. The boys gave an introduction about the significance of this prestigious, red letter day followed by a prayer asking God, The Almighty, to protect our beloved country. They sang patriotic songs such as ‘Mera Mulkh, Mera Desh’ and ‘Choodo Kal Ki Baatein’ with praiseworthy enthusiasm. They also danced to the tune of the evergreen patriotic song, ‘Nanha Munna Rahi Hu’. One of the boys recited a poem depicting the sacrifices made by the martyrs and about the luxuries they gave up so that we could breathe in the free air and live in a sovereign and federal republic which they fondly called India.

Choral Recitation Competition

The Choral Recitation Competition was held on Monday, 3rd February, 2014. The Judges for the event were Mr. Tyrone Rodrigues, Mr. Christopher Lobo and Ms. Savina Crasto. All the classes were well trained and recited the poems well. The teachers put in a lot of effort in training the boys.

The winners were declared from each standard —- Std IV D, III A, II D, ID won for their best performance. Overall the event was fruitful and developed confidence of each child in the class.

Best Out of Waste (2)

The Best out of Waste Competition for classes I to IV was held on 21st February, 2014. All the students took active part in the competition. Each standard used different materials to prepare creative items. The materials used were:

Std I: Straws
Std II: Tetra Packs, Plastic bottles, Tins or Cans.
Std III: Coconut Shells
Std IV: Newspapers.

The boys exhibited excellent and artistic handwork.

Ganesh Chaturthi

The assembly on Ganesh Chaturthi was held on 16th September, 2013. The boys of the standard II C enacted incidents from the life of Bal Ganesh. The boys were dressed as the different characters which gave added effect to the enactment. The assembly concluded with a dance performed by the boys. The assembly was informative and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day was celebrated on 5th September, 2014. The teachers were felicitated at a programme put up by the boys of the Primary and Secondary section. Along with the boys the parents of the K.G section also showed enthusiasm in their dance performance. The teachers were given a handmade card.

Id -e-Milad

Id-e-Milad was celebrated on 14th January, 2014. The assembly was conducted by the boys of standard 2 D. Each boy was given a paragraph to read on why and how Id-e-Milad is celebrated. The boys of other classes listened attentively as the assembly was informative.

Brito House Feast

The Brito house celebrated their house feast on 4th February,2014. The Novenas were conducted by the teachers of the Brito house for 3 days after which an introduction to St. John De Brito was read out to the boys. On the Feast Day various activities were conducted by the teachers in their respective classes. The boys of standard 1 and 2 had to prepare hearts with a message written on it to their parents, teachers or friends. These hearts were displayed in the classrooms as well as notice boards.

A newspaper drive was conducted in the Primary Section. It was decided that the money collected from this drive would be used to buy gifts for the poor children.

Independence Day (Primary Section)

The Primary Section celebrated Independence Day on the 14th of August. The programme began at 9 am with a small prayer invoking God’s blessings on our School, our Nation and its People. This was then followed by a short speech by Master Abdul Hannan Chougle of std IV A. Collaborated with this programme was the Installation of Discipline Leaders from Std IV. The boys took a pledge to be loyal and faithful in carrying out their duties. The day chosen was apt as it’s a reminder of the qualities a leader must possess. After the Installation, there was patriotic song sung by the boys of Std III and IV. They sang melodiously. The boys of Std III and IV also put up a dance on “Des Rangeela”. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Craft Competition

The Craft Competition was held on 28th August, 2013 for Standard I to IV. The boys were given topics and they had to bring the necessary materials to create the item in class. The boys exhibited their creativity while making the craft articles.

Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on 2nd October. The primary section had conducted an assembly in the primary A.V Room. The boys read a few lines on the life of Mahatma Gandhi. They also enacted the Salt Satyagraha. The highlight was the dance performance on ‘ Bande Mein Tha Dum’ by the boys of standard I and II, which showed their love and gratitude to the Father of the Nation. Through the life of Gandhi, the boys learned that justice can be acquired through ‘Ahimsa’- non violent means.

Parsee New Year

The assembly on Parsee New Year was conducted by standard II B. A power point presentation on the Parsees, their lives, interests and religion was shown to the boys. A few Parsee boys from the secondary section shared with boys some information about their community. The assembly ended with a prayer for the Parsee community at St. Xavier’s both past and present.

Childrens’ Day

Childrens’ Day is celebrated every year on 14th November, as it is the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was very fond of children. At Xavier’s, we celebrated Childrens’ Day on 20th November. There was a special assembly conducted, which began with a special prayer said, for all the children by the teachers. A small skit based on ‘Nursery Rhymes’ was put up by the Primary teachers. The children were delighted to see their teachers perform for them.

There was an Art Competition conducted in the classes by the teachers. The children enjoyed this special day thoroughly.

Reading Competition.

The reading competition was held on the 16th of December 2013. The boys of std I to IV were selected after an elimination round. Eight boys were selected out of the sixteen boys from every standard.All the boys read well and the winners were selected on the basis of their scores. The judges spoke to the boys and encouraged them to read more books and develop a love for reading.

Feast Of St Francis Xavier

The feast of St. Francis Xavier was celebrated on the 3rd of December 2013. It commenced in the chapel.The Eucharist was con-celebrated by . After the Eucharistic celebration the Principal, Fathers of the community and the staff members met for a get together in the dining hall.

The celebration began with the felicitation of Ms. Lydia Fernandes for completing 25 years of service in the school. The head teacher of the primary section spoke a few words on Ms. Lydia’s service and association with the school. The principal Mrs. Jennifer Dias presented Ms. Lydia Fernandes with a plaque on behalf of the management for her dedicated service to the school. This was followed by an entertainment programme with games and a delicious buffet.

Berchmans House Feast

The Berchmans House Feast was celebrated on the 26th of November, 2013. In order to make the boys aware of the Berchmans Feast, the Novena to St. John Berchmans was recited everyday at the morning assembly from the 20th of November to the 26th of November.

A Tree with values from the life of St. John Berchmans was also put up on every floor.

Since ‘Action speaks louder than Words’ the boys were asked to do one good deed during the week.

Thus in conclusion it can be said that those in the Berchmans House tried to spread the message- Don’t Go Green with Envy BUT Go Green with Goodness (good deeds) and Generosity as the Motto of St. John Berchmans has always been “Doing ordinary things in an extra ordinary way”.

Principal’s Birthday

The birthday of our Principal Mrs. Jennifer Dias was celebrated on 3rd March, 2014 (the actual birthday is on 6th March). All the catholic staff and students gathered in the chapel to pray. Rev. Fr. Joseph Velinkar celebrated the holy mass .The theme for the mass was “ Hope is the fuel of patience”.At the same time the non catholic students celebrated all religion prayer conducted by our P.T.A Vice Presidet-Ms. Jugnu Samel.

Our Principal was first felicitated by pre-primary and primary section. After that the secondary section greeted her.The special lady of the day, was called on the stage along with special guests Fr. Philip Terrassa, Assistant Principal Mrs. Sharmila Sunny, Supervisor Mr. C.B. Tiwari, Mrs. Jugnu Samel and Mr. Sanjay More.The programme began with precious and beautiful words spoken by our Assistant Principal Mrs. Sharmila Sunny. Then the birthday cake was cut by the Principal. The staff members sang the birthday song .The spiritual bouquet made by students, was presented to the Principal. The bouquet consisted the prayers of Hindu, Muslim, Parsi and Christian religion. A student recited a poem written by Mast. Yash Bapat., followed by a speech and prayer to wish the Principal, good health and happiness. A dance ‘Masti ki Patshala’ was performed by our boys on this event. A skit describing the multifaceted personality-our Principal,was shown. Boys showed their love towards the Principal by gifting her with handmade greeting cards and flowers. At last the programme ended with a vote of thanks.

Then started the teachers programme in the primary dining hall . All the teachers gathered around for the celebration. The programme started with the cutting of the cake followed by the primary teachers singing a birthday song. Then various speeches were delivered by the school heads. School manager Fr. Arun D’souza said a few words about the Principal. The C.R.s of KG sang a song as well as performed a dance on this occasion. The Principal was greeted with cards, floral tributes by the entire staff as well as the P.T.A of the school. Br. Bruno also expressed his views regarding the Principal with a touching song and his speech. The Principal said a few words thanking the entire staff. The programme then turned towards the games session where first, groups were formed and many exicting games were played. In between some spot prizes were also given. All were in a happy mood. A quiz was conducted especially on the life of Principal as to prove how well our staff knew her and some groups really performed well. It was very exciting. Finally the grace before meals was said and then the staff proceeded for lunch.

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