We celebrated our sports director Br.Bruno’s birthday on the 20th of July 2017.

There was a short programme conducted by our student’s council. Before the programme, our Principal Mrs. Jennifer Dias spoke a few words bout Fr. Noel Sheth, his contribution to the worldwide church and the Society of Jesus at large. She asked the students to maintain 2 minute silence as the mark of respect for Fr. Noel and also said a small prayer for the repose of his soul.

After this, the student council members conducted intercom assembly. In this assembly there was a short insight into Br. Bruno’s life starting from his childhood to his present position as the sports director of St. Xaviers High School, Fort.

On this auspicious day poems were read by our school vice-captain Master Aadil Parackin English and by our assistant discipline captain master Purnay Rane in Marathi, which were composed by them. From Std 5th to 19th a birthday card was prepared and monitors of each class presented it to Br. Bruno’s. The programme got over at 10am.

– Mrs. Susan George