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Talk by Dr. Mrs. Elaine Charles

A talk by Dr. (Mrs) Elaine Charles was held on 6th July 2018, in the school hall, between 9.am and 12 noon. She is a very eminent personality, a renowned educationist, who has been in the field of education for the past 57 years. The topic of the talk was, “HOW TO BEAT THE BOARD EXAMS & COME OUT WINNERS”. It covered different aspects like new evaluation system, study  skill and  techniques, time  and  stress management,  how  to  sharpen  one’s  memory and concentration powers, effective paper presentation etc. Her study tips and techniques always help the students do better not only in their forthcoming SSC board examination but also other competitive examination in their life.

                                     The mantra, “I CAN, I WILL, I MUST”, go a long way in inspiring them to do well at all times. Parents too attended the meeting in large numbers. They too will profit from this lecture and  will be better equipped to guide their children , as  this  is an  important  and  crucial  year  in  their  life. Mrs. Charles talks have always been helping our students to pave their way to achieve their goal and we look forward to having many such enriching session for our SSC students in years to come.

                                                                  – Mrs. Susan George


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