Education World School Rankings

Our school was ranked 9th in the school rankings from Education World as reported in the Times of India this morning.

Yoga Day – Primary section

Installation of Primary Cabinet

Installation ceremony for the Primary school cabinet for academic year 2017-18

Techno Savvy Training

For Teachers Teaching STD 9 & 10.

A district level “TECHNO SAVVY” training was conducted for the teachers teaching STD 9&10. 22nd March, there were the dates announced and venue for assembling was Indian Education Society. – V.N Sule Vidyalaya Dadar (E) at around The objectives behind conducting this training was to prepare us for recent developments in computer applications.

Different topics were covered in there days. They are as follows;-
1. Google Form
2. Mock test

A Pre-test and poet test was conducted in there days. One of the days ADEI Mr.Pokhrankar addressed the trainee teachers and expressed his wish to make most of the school teachers-“TECHNO SAVVY”.

The Program ended on 24th March with distribution of certificates a successful completion of Program by teachers.

Mrs. Teresa J.D’SA

Principal’s Birthday Celebration

On 6th of March we celebrated our dear principals birthday. The celebration started with the students program in the school hall. Students performed a dance followed by a song composed by them. Decorative, colourful, handmade birthday cards were presented by the class representatives to the principal.

A spiritual bouquet was also presented to her. This was followed by the staff program. In keeping with tradition, the birthday cake was cut by principal. A floral presentation and a card were presented by our assistant principal Ms. Sharmila Sunny and the supervisor Mr. C. B. Tiwari respectively. The primary staff also presented a bouquet of flowers and a card.

In his speech Mr. Gasper Britto compared our principal with the metal titanium and said that she was a ‘tough’ women who withstud pressure and also the test of time. He thanked the principal for all her efforts to uplift the staff and for the betterment of the school. Our manager REV. Fr. Dr. Francis Swamy addressed the gathering and thanked and wished the principal on this special day. The program culminated with the brunch.

Co- ordinators
Mr. Gasper Britto
Ms. Snehal Dias