The English Elocution Competition was held on Monday 21st August 2017.from 12 noon onwards in the school hall. There were 30 participants from Std VIII-X. The boys delivered speeches on varied topics ranging from – The Power Of Words, Life, Global Warning, GST, The Value of Time, The Wonders of Science, Do we need machines, being successful in life, The Internet of things to name a few.

The prize winners for Std VIII were —-

1st Place – Zainuddin Fatakdawala (Gonzaga House)

2nd Place – Aamir Qureshi (Britto House) & Pranav Kapse (Bercharans House)

3rd Place – Rishi Jhaveri (Berchmans House)

The prize winners for Std IX were —-

1st Place – Aryan Indulkar (Claver House)

2nd Place – Prakash Ambekar (Britto House)

3rd Place – Atah Qureshi (Berchmans House)

 The prize winners for Std X were —-

1st Place – Asdil Parach (Berchman House)

2nd Place – Omkar Indulkar (Bercharans House)

3rd Place – Rohit Bhoi (Claver House)

The English Elocution Competition thus encouraged the boys to showcase their flair in the English language.

–          Neil Noranha.



       English Elocution for standard 5to 7 was held on 21st August 2017 in the school hall. There were 30 participants, Boys of each standard took great efforts to recite the poems on various topics.

       The judges for the programme were –

Ms.Lavina Pereire → St.Isable’s High School

Ms.Anjum Khan     → Young ladies High School

Ms.Grace Pereira  → St. Colombas High School.

      The Prize winners were as follows:

Std V → 1st place → Abdul Hannan – Brito House

2ndplace → Sarvesh Pawar – Berchmans House

3rd place → Mubashir shaikh – Brito House

Std VI → 1st place → Sweekar Mandavkar – Claver House

2nd place → Rizwan Tak – Berchmans House

3rd place → Sayed Aleem – Brito House

Std VII → 1st place →Shubhay Jathan – Claver House

2nd place →Macklin Fernandes – Berchamans House

3rd place → Moin Patel – Gonzaga House

3rd place → Abdul Shaikh – Brito House

         The judges commended the efforts of the participants and appreciated their talent. The winners were given the certificates. The programme ended at 11.15am with a vote of thanks.

–          Snehal Dias