The feast of the Gonzaga House was celebrated on 5th July, 2017 by the Primary Section. An assembly was conducted in the hall with a PowerPoint Presentation on the life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga followed by two skits wherein the values followed by St. Aloysius Gonzaga were brought to the limelight. This was followed by a Prayer Service and a video on the hymn ‘Make me a channel of your peace’. Through the assembly the values that St. Aloysius Gonzaga followed was co-related with the Jesuit theme of the year- Harmony in Collaboration. Activity sheets were then distributed among students from Std. 1 to Std. 4.They enjoyed this activity. Students exchanged yellow coloured sweets.

The day was very enriching and the students were enlightened about how they can follow the theme of Harmony in their own small way at home, in school and in their neighbourhood.

  • Maria D’Souza, Cecelia Fernandes, Judy Athaide