In keeping with the aims and objectives of Jesuit education an interreligious prayer service was held on Monday the 6th of July. In keeping with the religious backgrounds of the students in our school ,speakers from various religions were invited. The distinguished panel of speakers consisted of Guruji Shriram Trimbak Deodhar a renowned Hindu priest, Dr. Shahrukh Pavri, a Parsi priest (also an ex-student of the school), Maulana Shahid Moyeen Qasmi a well known Islamic preacher associated with the Markazul Ma ‘arif Education and Research Centre, Fr Errol D’Lima s.j. a well known Jesuit, and Ms. Vidhi Nerav Shah a holistic healing follower. While Guruji stressed on developing a secular outlook and humanity being the only religion, Ms Vidhi made the students realize that just as the air that we breath is the same, God too is one and each religion has given Him a different name. Dr. Shahrukh stressed on the importance of good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Throuigh the story of the good Samaritan Fr. Errol gave the message of being human ,reaching out to others and to love God and your neighbor as yourself.Maulana Moyeen spoke on the importance of loving God ,being non violent, accepting our mistakes and asking for forgiveness. Through this interreligious dialogue the values of religious tolerance and communal harmony were highlighted.It was indeed an enriching and fruitful experience for our students.

~ Gaspar Britto.

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