The Primary Outreach Programme for the Academic Year 2017-2018 was held on Thursday, 13th December, 2017. 39 students, along with the Head Teacher Mrs. Jennifer D’Souza, 7 PTA Representatives and Mrs. Maria D’Souza visited Our Lady’s Home, Dadar (East) which shelters around 110 orphaned children. As per the request of Fr. Wilfred, the in-charge of the Home, students voluntarily brought sugar which was donated to the Home. The PTA Representatives donated cooking oil and also organised games for the orphans as well as the students. Gifts were given to the winners who were very happy to receive them. The students and the teachers were given a tour of the Home and were told about how each child was independent and self-sufficient.

Many agreed that it was a very fulfilling and enriching experience as the students understood how lucky and privileged they were to receive so many gifts that were denied to the others.

Teacher in Charge

Mrs. Maria D’Souza