The meeting for Std. IV parents was held on the 29th June ,2017 by the class teachers of each division in their respective classes from 9am to 10 am. Attendance was taken by each class teacher. The Std IV class teachers had a healthy interaction with the parents . The teachers spoke about the rules and regulations to be followed by the parents and students. The information about the Olympiad exam in English/ Math and the Subscription of the Junior Explorer  Magazine were given to the parents.

The parents  shared their views on the following points:

  • New PT shirts for the boys.
  • PT teacher for the boys.
  • Boys have to climb three floors with their heavy bags.
  • Syllabus to be given to the boys.

The meeting  ended  with each class teacher asking   the parents to elect the PTA member of each division. The following parents were elected as PTA members for the Academic Year 2017-2018.

Std. IV A Ms. Maria D’Souza

Std. IV B Ms.Neelima Gonsalves

Std. IVC.Ms.Genevieve Ribeiro

Std. IV D Ms.Cecilia Gracias