The exhibition “Science Express Train” arrived at Mumbai CST railway station and was scheduled to be there from 19th July 2017 to 22nd July 2017.Boys of Science club along with the teacher in-charge Mrs.Venissa D’silva and a parent visited this train on 19th July.The different coach of this train covered various aspects of climate change as follows :-

  • Coach 1 :- Understanding climate change
  • Coach 2 :- Impact of climate change
  • Coach 3 & 4 :- Adaptation
  • Coach 5 & 6:- Mitigation
  • Coach 7:- International negotiations for climate change
  • Coach 8:- Positive actions
  • Coach 9 & 10:- Exhibition by Biotechnology Department
  • Coach 11:- Exibition by National Innovation Foundation

        Boys were very keen as they visited different coaches of this train and they also made note of important points is their notebook.The boys returned to school after this enjoyable and informative experience.