Introduction of  the main theme-4C’s (2015-2016)

The theme as outlined for the academic year 2015-2016 is based on the 4c’s.These 4c’S are conscience, compassion, competence and commitment.

The SIPEI (International Seminar on Ignatian  Pedagogy and Spirituality),which was held in Manresa, Spain  in November 2014 ,focused on the 4 C’s as the pillars and background for Jesuit education.

Jesuit education aims towards human excellence, men and women of Conscience, Compassion, Competence and Commitment .The order of how these 4 C’s are written or spoken is not as important as of developing them within us and  as well as  in the students entrusted to our tutelage as Jesuit educators.


When we say a person of conscience, we mean a person who discerns the right and wrong of their actions, who is aware of the consequences of his/her actions. This type of conscience can be educated.  One of the methods is the Ignatian Examen or the Examen of the conscience. We have to continuously practice the meditative Ignatian Examen everyday and make it a part of our conscious living.

This will help us look at the reality of the world not only to discover the goodness and beauty of creation and individuals, but also see the pain, misery and injustice around us. It will help us to be grateful for the goodness we receive but also create a desire, to dedicate oneself to be an agent of change.


“Compassionate because they are capable to open their hearts in solidarity and taking on the suffering others experience” (Fr. ADOLFO NICOLAS,SJ Medellin,2013)

This means not sympathy but empathy –an empathetic person –who is one with his fellow beings. Somebody who is not just aware of the reality of say injustice and violence done to nature/humankind but is compassionately committed to collaborate in the transformation of these realities, these problems.


A Competent person is one who has solid knowledge, adequate development of skills and abilities to reach an effective/satisfactory professional performance that can contribute to human fulfilment.

A competent person is not a bookworm, but somebody who is able to interact with reality.  He/She asks questions and is able to understand, resolve problems by suggesting practical solutions.


Only to be conscious/aware of a problem, compassionate and competent to resolve it, is not enough. One needs to be committed, dedicated and must develop a never give up attitude.

Thus as Jesuit educators ,as lay collaborators of Jesuit legacy, the upholders of Jesuit tradition and values, it is our moral duty to mould our students to face the world, keeping these 4C’s in mind, preparing them for the challenges of life so that, they do not crumble in the face of a difficulty.

~ Susan George

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